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See stock market recommendations in front of the windows


JAKARTA, – At the end of the year, the market is preparing to accept the mood window sauce which has historically been said to be able to accelerate JCI traffic to be more than twice as high from month to month from November to December.

Unfortunately, the sentiment expected by this market, according to the head of research of Narada Asset Management company Kiswoyo Adi Joe, has not yet been felt by the market. Kiswoyo indicator, this sentiment historically began to appear only at the end of November

Kiswoyo said there are indications that the market has received window sentiment, such as the strengthening of CSPI.

"The signs are that the price of JCI has increased, but if it is still too far, because this window decoration is only in December. At the end of November, it only looks and counts to 6,500, then falls again and then raises again, "said Kiswoyo.

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Catherina Vincentia, an MNC Securities analyst, said sentiment window sauce driven by several things, such as increasing the productivity of issuers.

"We think this is happening for one reason: the allocation of budget allocations from both government and private institutions, secondly, increasing issuers' productivity and the third to improve portfolio performance asset management before it is presented to potential investors. Looking from the JCI index heat map, it's always green in December and starts turning red in February or March, "said Cathy, who was contacted on Thursday (10/31).

Kiswoyo said that by choosing attractive shares that will be collected in front of the windows, you can compare the price of shares this year with the closing of the previous year.

While Cathy assessed inventory in the financial and consumer sectors as two sectors focused on investor accumulation window sauce.

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