Monday , January 25 2021

Supposedly, after severe floods, new evidence on the planet Mars. After this, there is life

PORTAL BREBES – According to Curiosity, a huge flood from a storm crater was swept away about 4 billion years ago.

This discovery is the work of a joint project by scientists from Jackson State University, Cornell University, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of Hawaii.

Think back to NASA’s persistence that reached the Gale crater on Mars in early 2021. When the Mars explorers arrive, I will look for evidence of old life there.

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Planet Mars It is known that there was once a lot of liquid water on the surface. The presence of liquid water is a major indicator that an area may be habitable.

New research shows that Gale Crater was the site of a massive ancient flood, providing more evidence that it was once inhabited.

Scientists appreciate this flood data, which indicates the possibility of life in Mars craters.

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The floods were likely caused by the heat of the meteorite and the release of ice stored on the surface of Mars.

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