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Suspended 2nd Action, no Dembele in El Clasico

Jakarta – Barcelona will not be strengthened by Ousmane Dembele in the next two matches in LaLiga. The penalty was a consequence of the red card obtained by Dembele when the opponents of Sevilla.

Dembele was sent back when Barcelona won 4-0 against Seville in the Spanish league. The continuation took place on Monday (7/10/2019) early in the morning. The Frenchman received the red card in the 87th minute.

According to referee Mateu Lahoz's report, Dembele received a red card for insulting the referee. The 22-year-old footballer called the referee very bad.

Barcelona appealed against Dembele's red card by attaching the video and stated that the player was not intended to underestimate the referee.

But the appeal was rejected. On Wednesday (10/9/2019) morning local time, the disciplinary committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) sentenced Dembele to two matches.

This means that Dembele will be absent when Barcelona goes to Eibar headquarters after the international break on October 19. Dembele could not have been placed in the El Clasico match against Real Madrid at Camp Nou on October 26.

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