The Interior Minister sends a team to find clarity about the resignation of the Indramay regent


JAKARTA, – The Ministry of the Interior sent a team to obtain explanations regarding the resignation of Indina Anna Regina. This was stated by Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.

"We send a team there (Indramay) to ask for clarification about what he is considering because because he was chosen by people, why he quit, what was the problem?" Tjahjo said when they met at the Conference Center in Jakarta (JCC), Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/07/2018).

However, Tjahjo gave the decision to completely withdraw from Annie because it was a personal right.

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On the other hand, Tjahjo claimed that he had not received the letter with Anna's resignation.

"Not yet, it was decided at today's plenary meeting of DPRD (Indramay)" – he continued.

Reported earlier, West Java governor Ridwan Kamil claimed that he received a letter with Anna's resignation.

The man whose name is Emil, he explained, Anna withdrew due to the desire to spend more time with her family.

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"There are more family reasons, so this is not an official matter, so I want to take care of the rest of the family, which may be somewhat limited due to extraordinary service," he said when he met at the Champion Book show in Landmark, Jalan Braga, on Tuesday. (6 / 11/2018).

In response, Emil said he was waiting for the decision of the Interior Ministry.

"(Letter) Already accepted, in fact the name of the resigning person means that he thinks he will not be in this position, I think he will be followed and then he will be handed over to the Ministry of the Interior. Remember that the governor is not the decision maker . "He said.


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