The story of European men who died after the Fortnite tournament


PUBG Kaskus Battleground

There is a sad player history Fortnite on Europe. As reported, he died after entering the tournament Fortnite on Sweden. The man was named Bodganhis body was found by a close friend Beckmaan. The man was only 21 years old and died in San Jose, California on October 28.

Initially, it is known that it was the time of his friend TwitLongerBeckmann played with Bodgan in the final tournament Fall of the skirmish in the series TwitchCon, revealed that after competing they planned a walk around the city.

Well, when he woke up in the morning, he tried to move Bodgan's hand and noticed that he was lifeless. Sam Beckmann will make the death of his close friend public. Respect family and close friends from Bodgan himself.

Nor does he want people to know the news about Bodgan's death via social media. The unrest before the start of the tournament was very large. But they had previously traveled to the United States and had at least the purpose to enter the first 50 and exchange the gifts they could spend on the journey.

Surprisingly, their achievement was achieved by winning the first 18th position and even exceeding the original plan and winning the prize USD 10,000. The gift made them feel relieved, because they still thought if the money they brought would be enough to get home or not. And they like it too.

Because of this incident, the Fortnite community also turned to Bodgan, who had a nice, pleasant and caring personality. The petition was created in against Epic games add "Return to the lobby"An emoticon that is commonly used by Bodgan after killing his enemies.


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