Tuesday , January 26 2021

There are astronauts allergic to the moon

Jakarta: Harrison Schmidt, the last astronaut to land on the moon, is allergic to the moon. Schmidt said the first time I saw the moon on the moon, they were allergic to dust.

Schmidt said the swelling of his nose, which was gradually fading away, changed his voice. Schmidt also admitted that he did not know about his allergies until the fourth time.

Mention TelegrapSchmidt is the only scientist to orbit NASA to enter the Moon. In December 1972, NASA’s Schmidt sent a spacecraft to the last Apollo space shuttle.

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At this time, Schmidt landed in a valley known as the Taurus-Litro and was assigned to collect rock samples from the moon. Based on these allergens, geologists advise astronauts to be more careful with lunar dust.

Schmidt also asked the Space Agency to develop technical solutions to prevent astronauts from exposing the moon to dust and from regular exposure. Meanwhile, Newsweek reports that this is not the first time that Schmidt has spoken of his lunar dust allergy.

In an interview with Weir in 2005, Schmidt noted that dust is a major environmental problem on the moon and that people need to be aware of the biological effects of this dust. Schmidt also mentioned that dust on the moon is different from dust on the ground.

Recently, scientists investigated the health risks of lunar dust. Based on these studies, scientists believe that long-term exposure to lunar dust can be a problem for astronauts on long missions.

The findings, published in the journal GeoHels 2018, showed that moon dust causes cell death and DNA damage in cells. Therefore, as scientists believe that the effects of exposure to lunar dust are important, further analysis of the physical and biological effects of materials from different lunar surfaces is needed.


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