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Tulungagung District Health Authority is wary of the increase in dengue cases


Tulungagung, East Java (ANTARA) – Health Office at Tulungagung Regency, East Java predicts an increase in dengue fever (DHF), which usually increases at the end of the year as the seasons change.

"We are always vigilant at the beginning and end of the year because these two phases are a period of seasonal change," said Head of Infectious Diseases at Tulungagung Health Office Didik Eka on Tuesday in Tulungagung.

The increasing trend in question has at least begun to be seen in the number of dengue cases in October that reached 15 cases. This number increased compared to the previous month (September), which occurred only in three cases.

According to Didik's explanations, weather changes affect the life cycle of mosquito helpers, mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus.

"The weather changes really support the breeding of helpers and large mosquitoes. In addition, the location of water bodies that are not included can be a nest. For example, in pots with water behind the fridge and others, "he said.

According to data recorded at the Tulungagung Health Office, in 2019. From January to October, 886 cases were recorded.

It is estimated that this amount will increase if not offset by vigilance by eliminating mosquito nests (PSN) and 3M-Plus.

Didik said that in 2019 it was the peak of a five-year cycle in which the number of cases increased sharply compared to the previous two years, namely in 2017, where 128 cases were recorded, and in 2018 as many as 575 cases.

"The DHF cycle in Tulungagung can last four or five years. Well, if you see it, there were 919 cases in 2015, and 1019 cases in 2016, "he explained.

That is why Didik called on society to increase self-awareness to better preserve health against the threat of DHF by doing PSN and 3M Plus.

Especially in the endemic area of ​​dengue, which spreads in four districts, namely in the districts of Tulungagung, Kedungwaru, Boyolangu and Ngantru.

These four regions are the regions with the highest DHF, considering that the four districts are densely populated.

"For now, of the 886 cases, 14 deaths have been reported," he said.

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