Friday , July 30 2021

Weeping Kalina Oktarani reveals Vicky’s speech as the reason her son Azka Azka stopped following

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The character of Kalina Ocktaranna gained public attention after it was discovered that she had a relationship with Vicky Prasetyo.

Still, the relationship between them was colored by unpleasant points, namely blocking their blessing

Yes, it is suspected that Azka Corbuzier disliked his mother’s relationship with Vicky Prasetyo.

This was revealed by Azka via his personal Instagram account.

The mother also replied to her personal Instagram account.

Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife has finally revealed the reasons for the child’s anger.

In fact, Azka Corbuzier was angry with that one comment from Vicky Prasetyo.

“I also regret that I replied to the post as well,” said Kalina tearfully, as quoted by on the Dapur Bincang Online YouTube channel on Tuesday (01/12).

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Kalina also explained why Azka was able to send her an open letter on her Instagram account.

Apparently, Kalina and her ex-husband, Deddy Corbuzier, rule Azka by their own rules.

Vicky Prasetyo, Kalina Ocktaranny and Azka Corbuzier.
Vicky Prasetyo, Kalina Ocktaranny and Azka Corbuzier. (Instagram / kalinaocktaranny)

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