Friday , November 27 2020

Willian frustrated at Arsenal


Bad news from Arsenal. His new player Willian is reportedly frustrated by manager Mikel Arteta’s inconsistency in strategy.

Willian is a new Arsenal player in the 2020/2021 season. In the Premier League, Willian is a player with long flight hours.

The Brazilian has been playing for Chelsea for seven years. He won two Premier League trophy titles.

Willian, 32, has a contract with Arsenal until 2023. He also won the trust of manager Mikel Arteta to take the main squad.

Willian has played five times so far Premier League with the Gunners. He brought in two new assists.

WillianWillian (right) New Arsenal winger this season (Twitter @ willianborges88)

Arsenal had a good pace early in the league. But in the last few games, Arsenal have played inconsistently and are relegated to 11th place in the table.

Wiliian even felt frustrated at Arsenal. Connected, tailored to your strategy.

“On the pitch, you have freedom of movement. But you have to respect what the manager wants and instructs, ”said Globo Esporte.

Apparently, Willian could no longer get into the penalty area at will (as he often did at Chelsea). As a result, he couldn’t even score anymore.

“Perhaps you don’t touch the ball often and don’t get nervous,” he continued.

Even so, Willian admits that he still wants to give his best at Arsenal. While this suggested that he was frustrated, he still respected his team.

“Yes, this is a new experience for me with a new tactic,” concluded the Brazilian passport player.

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