An open letter to Rory Beggan


Dear Rory,

Excuse me. We are sorry that we chose you as the best. Unfortunately, you, Rory Beggan, the best goalkeeper in Gaelic football in the past season felt like you had to apologize for your experience. I am sorry that if it somehow seemed contaminated in some way. This was never the intention.

And thank you. Thank you for the classes you showed in honoring Stephen Cluxton, undoubtedly the greatest goalkeeper of Gaelic football, just like in the All-Star party last Friday night.

Thank you for the humor that you showed about your point on the Sunday game, asking the boys not to take it away from you.

All this should apply to you. As Ciarán Whelan revealed, the vote "was not even close" in your favor. Eighteen championship points. Accuracy of ejection, taking into account the distance of so many of them, brought the ship to a different level. Willingness to offer yourself as an additional defender as an offloading exit or to initiate attacks. Bualadh bos.

If you were not as perfect as you, Stephen would be a recipient. As you said, this man is an inspiration for you, as he is for every goalkeeper and footballer in the country. While some may want to believe it, All-Star or All-Stars will never be able to define its huge contribution to this game. But this year? You were better this year, Rory. You were Jeff Buckley for his Leonard Cohen.

Alleluia to you both.

But it does not concern you. Unfortunately, the context has dimmed your new title and this is for us as a selection committee.

As you undoubtedly remember, in 2015, as the first of four in a row of Dublin, you were selected together with Brendan Kealy and Paul Durcan.

Stephen was not (even Whelan in his All-Stars agreed that Kealy and you are the best this year), but this is the season that was mentioned as an example of "disapproval".

I assure you, Rory, you have no compromise or other best alternative.

Stephen has never been rejected, ignored or rejected by the selection committee.

Leave? Yes. Have you got lost? Yes. But never released.

These former GPA officials and Dublin players who attended meetings in the observation / secretarial briefing would have witnessed this. That the captain and goalkeeper of the last four years, who was victorious throughout Ireland, did not limit them to All-Stars? Just others were better. You just were better.

You also probably have respect for Whelan as an expert, but there are times – only times, remember – when Dub precedes the analyst. Last Thursday morning was one of such occasions. His observation that the media might somehow have Stephen because of his reluctance to talk to us comes straight from Trump's handbook: plant the seed and see how the weed grows.

Whelan's good reputation legitimizes this erroneous theory and you certainly have not talked to us in the second week about how goalkeepers will score goals and fair debts soon. But your lips did not win this All-Star, Rory. Stephen did not lose either him or others. You're simply better.

Vendors against amateur athletes are childish, Rory. Six years ago, Joe Canning provided journalists with quotes that his older brother Ollie was removed from the context and represented "very poor GAA journalism."

Writers might feel sad that their honesty has been questioned, but Canning has since won three of his five All-Stars, one of them in a given year. How is it for grudges?

Whelan's comments do not include GAA journalism on those days where the vast majority of interviews with players from different districts, including your own band, are staged events. Is there a fifth place? It's no big deal.

Eleven years his younger, Rory, we can praise you in the same time as we have Stephen over all seasons. And this is what really gets stuck in a chariot: we have not sacrificed huge bodies to deny him All-Star just because he does not like to express his thoughts publicly. You just were better.

We can not speak for the entire commission, but in such a competitive business as journalism, in which originality has never been more appreciated, it is best to avoid the best practices. During the year, however, we know that your work was very much admired in the press.

Hell, even Pat Spillane, the same man who said on Sunday that he chose you for Cluxton, he was "the biggest mistake of all," he claimed after your count won over Tyrone & # 39; em. "Donors from Dublin will not like me saying, but I rate Rory Beggan as the best goalkeeper in the country right now."

Like his genius from the column, which is a member of the selection committee, he must smile when he thinks about it. Think about it, the thoughts of a few other people who have questioned your choice as the best goalkeeper are also shaped by others in the All-Stars group, who found it appropriate to support you.

Maybe because the Sunday game team of the year they contributed was not respected, which made them feel so sad about the choice, but at least Whelan and Tomás Ó Sé had the courage to say that you should be left out.

Whelan ("The point is that it was not even close, which is also disturbing in terms of voices"), "Sé" ("it is not personal for Rory Beggan, but I gave it to him (Cluxton) every year") and Spillane ("I think he should have already aligned my record score of nine All-Stars") wants to put a star next to his honor, Rory, but they can not. It happened. This is history. And it is earned.

Stephen is a miracle whose principle is not measured by seasons, but together its consistency is unmatched. Nobody can deny that his position as the number two in relation to David Clarke and you in the last three years makes him number one. Nobody wants too.

But this one season, this one campaign, you're just better.

Kevin O & # 39; Donovan has his own vision

Although not without impact from Croke Park, it was a new, bold world that Cork took on last Thursday with the nominee Kevin O & # 39; Donovan as the new secretary of the district.

It is not that Donovan did not earn his spurs or that the county is not heading in a new direction – his and Tracey Kennedy's appointments as vice chairman and chairman respectively spoke about changed times – but it was so far away establishment call us how you can do it.

Just two years ago, the then training officer introduced a 25-point plan for the future of the Cork GAA.

Nevertheless, there was enough in what he preached for him to win the race for the vice-chairman, and in his public appearances there is evidence of a serious intellect and a great passion for the county.

We are reminded of how in 2016 he hit Martin Fogarty & # 39; as a "condescending" for the fact that Cork hurling was not in crisis.

He added: "It reminds me of Tom Hanks' film, Castaway." He releases the earlier part of the movie, sending SOS signals from the desert island, waiting for the arrival of the lifeboats. Nobody is coming.

Then, after a period of total depression, he begins to build his own raft, which ultimately leads to his salvation. It seems that no life boats will be released in the near future. It is time, therefore, to build your own raft, it's time for us to start hacking some trees.

Munster's success from the days of Cork seems to be contradictory to Donovan's concerns, but his continued lack at the underage level is not. He goes into big shoes and would be sorry that he did not resist Frank Now for advice now and for some time in the future. But it's clear that the new man has his own vision.

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