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Apple Fiends is still waiting for the premieres of the iPhone & # 39; a. Good for them

Apple begins selling the new iPhone & # 39; a 11 in Berlin

A line of people waiting for the sale of the iPhone & # 39; a 11 in Berlin, Germany.

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Actually, it's kind of embarrassing. As a teenager and the early 1920s, I was Apple's warlike opponent. You know the type. Connections Duster sheep users mock people when they say they have an iPhone & # 39; a. I am not proud of it, but I was that boy.

"Your new iPhone 5 only has a 4-inch screen," I mocked my friend Taylor on Friday in 2012. "My HTC screen it's almost an inch bigger and is six months old. Androids offer much more personalization options. "

Taylor was an enthusiastic Apple guy. Your MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone have never used a Windows computer or Android. You know the type. He and I release him every Friday. We went to the pub with friends and eventually a controversial comment related to Apple appeared. Our friends moan, talk among themselves and allow us to spit out.

"Why would you choose between bad apps when you can just use the default good Apple apps?" He would answer. "And I must admit that the iPhone & # 39; cameras are the best."

"Taylor," I would say looking deep into his eyes, I admit thread. "

And so on.

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Proven iPhone 11: 3. Which one do you choose?


I remembered these arguments on Friday when I described the iPhone & # 39; and 11 and 11 Pro in Sydney retail. When I arrived around 8am, there were about 100 people in the queue. In New York, about 600 people lined up near Apple Fifth Avenue flagship store. Yes, people are still queuing for hours and sometimes days to get a phone that they can easily order online. I had the opportunity to talk to several such people.

One waited in line for five hours, from 3 in the morning, during which he was accosted by drunken people who soaked in Thursday night fever. Another person I spoke to treated me with her 11-day camp to get it iPhone 8 in 2017. In New York, the first person in the queue was there from 18:00. The previous night he flew in honor of Las Vegas.

For avid Apple fans, the queue of hours (or days) is the basis of every iPhone & # 39; premiere since 2007. Hundreds of people lined up in New York, London and several other major cities on the first iPhone. It soon became a global phenomenon. September meant the new iPhone & # 39; a, and the new iPhone meant crowds outside the Apple Store.

"It's an environment you can't see on any other phone startup," one person told me Friday. If you're involved with Apple, you'll see this statement as proof of the company's brilliance. If you're against Apple, you see it as evidence of a brainwashing marketing company. But it's true anyway.

Many do not accept this fact well. I posted a video tweet Apple Store employees applauding the opportunity as the first owner of the iPhone & # 39; and 11 in Sydney left the store. This led to a somewhat unpleasant viral experience. I got about 2,500 responses to this tweet, a wave of digital resentment. Many answers ridiculed the iconic applause of Apple Store employees. Some ironically criticized capitalism tweet something like that from smartphone slipping away from them. However, many tweeters made fun of the owner of the iPhone itself.

Which seems unfair.

The key to understanding the abnormal behavior of these queues is to understand them know they don't have to be there. Being technology enthusiasts, we can safely assume that they are aware of the existence of online shopping. Most people are in favor of tradition, doing it from an early age iPhone & # 39; a, for ritual or simply for experience.


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Is this unnecessary and strange? A bit, but whatever. People do unnecessary and strange things all the time if they are passionate enough. I don't care about cars, so spending $ 100,000 on one seems unnecessary and strange. I like video games, but I hate dressing up, so cosplay seems to be an exhausting way to spend time. But people love it all. Good for them.

I envy people who set themselves in ungodly hours for a new iPhone. People mock them that they care so much about the phone, but I don't think I care anything just wake up at 3 am.

That just reminded me of Taylor. I miss the phone argument. Currently, screen sizes are similar, camera technology is advanced, and third-party applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter dominate our time, so you make less compromises than ever, comparing iPhone 11 Pro say Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This is especially true when comparing iPhone & # 39; and with a Pixel device that works pure Android. Pure Android is the only operating system that cannot be loaded with a third-party user interface, such as Samsung OneUI or (God forbid) EMUI Huawei.

One phone may have a slightly better camera and the other a slightly longer battery. Either way, you have a great device, so don't argue. For me, the question is not Android vs. Apple, it's a $ 499 phone phone 999 $. But this is a completely different can of worms.

Mostly I miss telephone quarrels about how healthy it was. Taylor and I drink drinks and shout loudly at each other, but it is difficult to hurt feelings about the iPhone vs. Android. Nowadays, I do not argue too much, but when I do it, it's probably something of a suspect's nature. Politics, racism, sexism or something similar that can cause injury. Even typing these words is enough to disturb me. Can't we just make love?

This is my message to people haggling in the cult of Apple. Let them line up. Let them get very excited about the new iPhone & # 39; em – even if new phones, regardless of brand, are now more iterative than repairs. They care about something that does not actively hurt someone else, which seems to be a rare descriptor in 2019.

As for Taylor and me, we both won a quarrel. The last phone I bought was an iPhone. It was a good decision. Earlier this year, he crashed his iPhone & # 39; a X, and I recommended trying the affordable Pixel 3A. He says it was a good decision. Ah, how the wheel spins.

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