Ex Pete Davidson Ariany Grande talks about their break up on Saturday night after the premiere of the song


As Saturday Night Live they came back after a short break, pop culture fans had one question: would the series directly deal with the public disintegration between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande?

The romance of the wind pair was after all one of the hottest summer stories for anyone who wants to leave politics. The fans were obsessed with every detail of their courtship, from their matching tattoos to the song she wrote about him to the baby pig they had adopted. Of course, when they canceled their engagement, those fans were staring at it, absorbing every detail.

However, one question remained: I would like to SNL face the breakup? The premiere of this season was basically an obsession with a couple. Davidson appeared on Weekend update segregate and describe the relationship with co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che: "Do you remember when the whole city pretended that the kid was Batman because he was sick?" That's how it feels.

What's more, the promotions on Saturday's episode seemed to correspond to the speed with which Davidson and Grande got engaged. In a short commercial, Davidson turns to music guest Maggie Rogers and says, "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. Do you want to get married?"

The performance could disappoint those who are hungry for rumors about famous people.

Davidson appeared Weekend update give your impressions to various politicians applying for the office. The first reference to Grande was slanted. Davidson said he has been paying more attention to politics since last year. "I had to come back with my mother." Together with Grande, they entered a flat worth $ 16 million.

In the whole segment, he joked about the performances of various politicians – for example, saying that Rep. Peter King, RN.Y., looks like "if the cigar came to life" – and did not mention Grande until the end of his performance. But instead of joking, he simply wished his ex the best.

"The last thing I will say is that I know some of you are curious about breaking, but the truth is that there is nothing interesting about it," he said, adding: "Sometimes things just do not work, and that's fine. A strong person, and I sincerely wish her all happiness in the world. "

The fact that the show did not break up was a bit surprising, but it was a real surprise that Grande released a new song just minutes before SNL he began – and mentions Davidson by name.

The song is titled Thank you, nextand Grande thanks her exesom, telling her what they taught her or what they meant to her. He is singing about Davidson He even got married almost to Pete & # 39; and I am very grateful. He also mentions the former Mac Miller, a raperze who died this year at the age of 26, with lines, I would like to be able to thank Malcolm / Because he was an angel.

Later in singing she sings Jeden nauczył mnie miłości / Jeden uczczył mnie cierpliwości / And one has taught me the pain / I am now amazing. It is not clear who each line refers to.

If there are any take-out meals on Saturday, then the Davidson / Grande story could finally come out. It seems that both are on friendly terms and – with these two statements in the world – go further. It looks like they are telling the rest of the world to join them.

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