Saturday , May 8 2021

Joe Wicks “ Body Coach App and Obesity Plans Can Make Him a Billionaire ”

Joe Wicks could have made millions over the years with his fitness programs and eating plans – but he could soon reach a dizzying billionaire status if his upcoming app took off.

The 34-year-old fitness fanatic – who published books under the pseudonym The Body Coach and enjoyed parental recognition through online physical education – is growing his business.

And while he is already said to be worth around £ 14.5 million, his fortune is predicted to explode should the planned application prove successful.

Joe reportedly plans to use his app – which will feature his Lean In 15 recipes and HIIT workouts – to break America, and believes it can help tackle obesity in the US.

Joe Wicks could smile all the way to the bank – and be a billionaire

A source told Sun on Sunday: “Joe has searched the market for the best technicians to work on the app and wants it to be very user-friendly.

“It’s about accessibility and not overly complicating your brand. America has a huge obesity problem and would like to help him solve this problem with an app.

“Users will be able to adapt it to their body type and fitness level for everyone to try.”

A fitness guru – also known as The Body Coach – is planning to launch a lucrative fitness app

Mirror Online has contacted a representative for Joe for comment.

It was reported last week that Joe had spent £ 4.4 million on a five-bedroom dream house for his family that he shares with his wife Rosie Jones.

The couple have two young children, and Joe previously mentioned his joy in being able to support a family.

Joe recently informed fans that he is moving his family to a bigger house

He said about his new placemat in Surrey: “I dreamed of a house where my children could grow up.

“We’ve outgrown our old house – we’re moving on and I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter.”

The star was awarded an MBE earlier this year after a closed PE class – which raised nearly £ 600,000 for the NHS from advertising revenues on his YouTube channel.

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