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New fish and worms appearing in December 2020 – HITC

December has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and with it comes a host of new insects, fish, and sea creatures for players to hunt and trap.

Each month, the range of fearsome creepers, fish, and sea creatures available in Animal Crossing varies slightly with the changing seasons. In December, the southern hemisphere is gaining many new animals, while the northern hemisphere has a relatively quieter time, while many worms bury underground to hibernate.

Here’s a complete roster of all the new fish, worms, and sea creatures now available in Animal Crossing.

New Fish at Animal Crossing for December 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere, Animal Crossing is gaining five new fish in the month of December. They are Pond Smelt and Stringfish in the rivers, and Sea Butterfly, Oarfish and Squid in the sea.

In the southern hemisphere, the Giant Snakehead, Tilapia, Piranha, Arowana, Gar, Dorado, Arapaima and Saddled Bichir reached the rivers in December. The oceans now house ribbon eels, shark eels, hammerhead shark, great white shark, whale shark and suckling fish.

For Animal Crossing players One new sea creature has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere: the lobster. In the southern hemisphere, the new sea creatures include Grapes, Mussels, Abalone, Gazami Crab, and Tiger Prawn.


New bugs in Animal Crossing for December 2020

In addition to the new fish, Animal Crossing players in the Northern Hemisphere can catch the Butterfly Emperor, Rajah Brooke Birdwing, and Dung Beetle in December. Dung Beetle will only appear in Snowballs, which will not be added to the game until December 11th.

Animal Crossing players in the Southern Hemisphere can now catch the Butterfly Emperor, Drone Beetle, Firefly, Goliath Beetle, Rainbow Deer and everyone’s favorite mosquito.

With so many new bugs and fish now arriving in Animal Crossing along with other festive events towards the end of the month, December looks to be a great time for players all over the world.

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