Friday , July 23 2021

Two were arrested after an allegedly sulky race in Limerick

Two men were arrested and two vehicles seized after an alleged sulky race in Co Limerick.

The Gardaí were on the N24 Tipperary Road shortly before 8am and spotted a group of vehicles taking part in what was considered a sulky race.

As the gardai approached the group, two of them rode away at high speed.

The Gardaí followed them from a safe distance as they traveled at high speed through the town of Caherconlish.

Both vehicles were soon located in Caherconlish and two men in their thirties were arrested.

They are currently held at the Garda Roxboro Road station.

Speaking today in Roxboro, Superintendent Dermot O Connor said the Limerick gardai were “especially vigilant” with horses that were not properly controlled or where neglected or abused.

He added: “Racing Sulky on a public road is illegal and dangerous for all road users and can put a huge strain on horses.

“The Gardaí will investigate all incidents of danger, illegal pouting racing and animal abuse.”

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