Vietnam will host the Formula 1 race in Hanoi from 2020


Formula One is to take the first Vietnamese Grand Prix with the race on the street circuit in Hanoi in 2020. The meeting is the first new event added to the calendar, since in 2017 Liberty Media took over this sport. The long-term contract was concluded with the Vingroup promoter, a company whose interests include the Vinfast car manufacturer.

The race will take place on a 3.458 mile track, 12 km west of the city center. It will use existing streets in a specially designated pit area. The construction has not started yet, but the director of the FIA ​​race, Charlie Whiting, visited the proposed area and was pleased with the promoter's plans.

The meeting is in line with the declared goal of Liberty & # 39; ego to develop sport for new markets and to organize big weekend events in places they describe as target cities.

Chase Carey, president and CEO, said: "Ever since we got involved in this sport in 2017, we've talked about developing new target cities to expand the appeal of Formula 1, and the Vietnam Grand Prix is ​​the realization of these ambitions."

The track details were issued by F1, showing the track in the suburbs of Hanoi. It is almost a mile long and has borrowed elements from other circuits: Rotates one and two of the opening corners of the Nurburgring; turns from 12 to 15, like climbing from Sainte Devote in Monaco and 16-19, esses in Suzuka.

There are 21 races in the calendar this season. If all the remaining, and Liberty's proposed meeting in Miami will also be added in 2020, It will rise to 23. However, the teams have already clearly opposed the further development of the calendar. There is no evidence yet whether other races can be withdrawn in 2020.

Vingroup is one of the largest private companies in Vietnam, based mainly on real estate, but with great interest, including retail stores, health care and amusement parks. It is the owner of the Vinfast car company that presented its first production models at this year's automotive exhibition in Paris and is expected to be produced in 2019.

Vice President of Vingroup and CEO of Nguyen Viet Quang believed that this race would be beneficial for the whole country. "The mission of" a better life for Vietnamese "VinGroup wants to bring this race to Vietnam because of the general benefits for society," he said. "More jobs will be created, the Hanoi infrastructure will be modernized, and other major global events will be encouraged to be carried out in Vietnam."

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