After the attack on Pittsburgh on the first Saturday, "We are here as Jews"


"I do not usually serve on Friday night," said Marcia Stewart, 87, aged four years in Life Tree Life. When it starts on Saturday, it usually appears late. This happened last Saturday and maybe saved her life. This is partly because he was forced to leave tonight.

"They were there on Saturday," he said of the dead. – And I was not.

Last week, he spent the funeral with people he did not eat a month ago. Irv Younger. Simon Bernice. Rose Mallinger, whose burial was attended last Friday on Rodef Shalom.

At the funeral, the rabbi said he was here, "he's not ready to disappear yet," he said.

This is another reason he felt he should be on Friday. "The tree of life must co-exist again," he said, "or we lose our identity. "- Campbell Robertson

The Newton Temple in Emanuel, Boston, in a leafy suburb in a conservative synagogue, churches came under a crumbling rain, with sadness, fear and anger.

"They were not just those who shot, but I think everyone was here," said Sheldon Rowdan, 45, who came with his wife and two children. Newton was described as a family-oriented community that is similar to Squirrel Hill.

He said he was thinking of grandparents who were survivors of the Holocaust. "They always said," It will happen again, never be smug, "he said." I think people in the United States are smug. They felt like they would not be here.

Linda Gelda, 64, said she had emotions on Friday.

"I am partly out of indignation," he said. "I feel this is something I can do to protect the feeling of despair and helplessness."


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