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Angry Ryanair passengers got stuck in a hot plane for 12 HOURS "forced to pay £ 2.70 for water" – The Sun


Angry Ryanair passengers slammed a low cost airline after being trapped in a hot airplane for 12 hours – and had to pay for water and food.

The flight to Edinburgh, which was supposed to leave Lanzarote at 11.20, got stuck in the blazing heat at 30 ° C for 9 hours, then stopped again because of a stop in Bordeaux because the workers "exceeded the limit".

    Ryanair Boeing 737 at Lanzarote airport (photo file)


Ryanair Boeing 737 at Lanzarote airport (photo file)Source: Getty – Co-creator

"Adverse weather" has been blamed for the delay, reports the journal.

Vacationers were forced to cough up 3 USD (2.70 GBP) for bottled water when they were roasting in an airplane at 30 ° C for nine hours while sitting on the runway at Lanzarote Airpor.

Poorly handled

Free water was distributed only during a stop in Bordeaux after my mother became ill and had to be transported to a waiting ambulance after landing in France.

Passenger John Rafferty said: "The lady sitting next to us asked for water after we sat in the plane in the heat for three hours.

"The stewardess said she was not authorized to give it away.

"Some time later they started selling water and non-alcoholic drinks for € 3. I had to pay 3 € for water and 5.50 € for panini.


"It wasn't until we landed in Bordeaux nine hours later that we were offered free water.

"We understand that sometimes something happens, but the way it was handled was so bad."

Another passenger Julie McCann said: "We asked for water, but it was clear that this was just a purchase.

"Many people bought water, juice and food because we sat for hours and were hungry and thirsty.

"I thought the airline would automatically provide water after three hours.

"I had to buy a panini for € 5.50, and my husband had € 10 for a meal with water.

"When we landed in France nine hours later, the pilot said he would try to get water and eventually it was given away."

A spokesman for Ryanair said: "This flight from Lanzarote to Edinburgh (September 27) was unfortunately delayed before take-off due to adverse weather in Lanzarote, before flying to Edinburgh later that day.

"Ryanair sincerely apologized to customers for this delay, which was completely out of our control."

Ryanair passengers "locked in the stairwell at the airport during the flight took off with luggage on board"

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