Today in History, 3/11


1824 – The jury's first hearing is in Australia.

1903 – Following the United States rebellion, Panama is independent of Colombia.

1935 – The Greek referendum recalls the II.

1954 – Death of French artist Henri Matisse.

1957 – The Soviet Union launches the first inhabited space capsule, II. Sputnik, who carries a dog named Laika.

1961 – UN General Assembly unanimously elected U Thant's acting Secretary-General after the death of Dag Hammarskjoeld.

1964 – Lyndon B Johnson a landslide won the US Presidency.

1968 – Storms, landslides and floods take more than 100 lives and cause serious damage to northern Italy.

1970 – The Marxist will be the president of Salvador Allende, ChilĂ©, who was killed three years later in a military coup.

1975 – The Queen opens the underwater pipeline to land on the British North Sea Oil.

1982 – Up to 1000 Soviet soldiers and Afghan civilian casualties have been killed in the Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan when a tanker explodes near Soviet military ties.

1986 – The United Nations General Assembly adopts a decision calling on the United States to adhere to the tribunal's decision to end American aid to anti-Nicaraguan rebels.

1991 – Israeli and Jordanian-Palestinian delegates agree to negotiate provisional self-governments in the Israeli occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip

1992 – Bill Clinton defeats George Bush in the US presidential election.

1993 – Soviet troops stormed through a Croatian territory in Slovakia, causing 15,000 fearful civilians to flee the countryside.

1995 – The teenager condemned to murder a British tourist at the motorway stop, sentenced to jail in Monticello, Florida.

1996 – Female Afghan workers remain away from the composition of the asylum office in Kabul after the Taliban threatens to force them to stay; The anti-Taliban coalition demands unconditional negotiations.

1997 – Iraqi President Saddam Hussein threatens to shoot US-landing aircraft.

1998 – In the 30-year conflict, the Spanish government first argues that it will negotiate with the groups associated with the Basque ETA separatists.

2001 – US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld visits Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India to support the military operations in Afghanistan against al-Qaida terrorist networks.

2004 – To end one of the longest desert issue in the US military, Charles Robert Jenkins was sentenced to death in a military jail for 30 days, leaving nearly 40 years ago united in North Korea.

2006 – Latin American and Caribbean nations support Panama at the UN Security Council meeting after Guatemala and Venezuela retreated to halt the deadlock, with 47 votes cast.

2008 – US Military Jury in Guantanamo condemns Osama bin Laden's former media counterpart, Ali Hamza al-Bahlulot, with life to encourage terrorist attacks.

2009 – North Korea claims to have successfully plundered several plutonium for nuclear bombs one day after Washington warned Washington to agree quickly to negotiate or face Pyongyang's growing nuclear arsenal.

2011 – Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou leaves his plan to hold a European case in his referendum when the world economy is slowly hanging.

2012 – Three Syrian tanks enter the Demilitarized Zone in the Golan Heights and after 40 years make Israeli complaints to UN peacekeepers.

2013 – The United States and Egypt strive to show courageously to the poorly broken ties and commit themselves to restoring the undermined partnership of the first democratically elected President of Egypt with the military stalemate.

2014 – The world's tallest scientists are still clear warnings about the serious and irreversible effects of climate change.

2015 – The Australian jumper Michelle Payne will be the first female to win the Melbourne Cup, Darren Weir's training on Prince Penzance.

2016 – Federal and state governments have pledged to spend $ 85 million in Victoria Latrobe Valley before closing down Australia's "dirtiest" coal-fired power plant, Hazelwood.

2017 – According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Australia must "provide shelter, water and other basic services immediately" to 600 people who remain in the Manus Island detention center because they do not feel safe leaving.

Today's birthdays:

Karl Baedecker, German publisher translator-publisher (1801-1859); Charles Bronson, American actor (1921-2003); Roy Emerson, Australian Tennis Stars (1936-); Anna Wintour, British-born American magazine editor (1949); Roseanne Barr, American comedian actress (1952); Adam Ant, British pop singer (1954-); Gemma Ward, Australian model (1987-); American football manager and activist Colin Kaepernick (1987-).

Today I thought:

On the plus side, death is one of the few things that can simply lie down – Woody Allen, American actor / producer (1935-).


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