Wednesday , November 20 2019
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WaterField Designs Two Attractive Cases For Your Magic Trackpad


At first, I didn’t quite understand WaterField’s press release, announcing a new line of attractive cases specifically designed to ensconce your new Magic Trackpad.

Hey, there's no denying it: these cases are nice. The $ 12 Socket is a simple padded pouch that will protect your Magic Trackpad’s glass surface from key scratches and the like, while the $ 25 Slip is a ballistic nylon case with a lightly padded liner and multiple trim options. Like I said, nice …. but who is taking their Magic Trackpad on the road with them? It's a desktop device: your MacBook already has a Magic Trackpad built into it.

I was ready to delegate this conundrum to the Department of Redundancy Department, but then I actually opened my MacBook for the first time in a couple of weeks and realized how luxurious that 80% larger Magic Trackpad really is. It's pretty hard to go back … and don't even get me started about the postage stamp sized trackpad of my Hackintosh netbook. So maybe I down want to take my Magic Trackpad out on the road. I guess that means I need a case.

Canny, WaterField! Canny!

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