Sunday , June 13 2021

Atac referendum, far quorum: only 16.4% of Romans in the election. Among voters, it reaches 74%

The turnout in the referendum regarding the Roman transport company is scarce, a service that has always been a disgrace to the chronicles because of inefficiency, neglected races and vehicles that are on fire. The Romans were asked to say whether they agreed to liberalize the service through public tenders, to allow other managers to compete outside the Atac monopolist and expand public transport to other forms of collective transport. But citizens are basically disinterested. The turnout was far from reaching 33% of the quorum, even if the referendum had only an advisory value. But among voters, Yes reached 74%.

In total, approximately 386,900 citizens voted for 2,363,989 registered voters: the final turnout of voters at the closing of the 20 seats was actually 16.38%. At 12.00 it was only 4.63%, while at the age of 16 it reached 8.95%.

Protests in the elections: "They did not vote for us"

Many citizens reported that they did not vote for their headquarters because they did not provide an electoral card, and this, as established by the municipality, was not necessary. Campidoglio has actually rejected all responsibility, informing you that you have provided all relevant information.

Voting divided by districts

The town hall, in which the attendance was the highest, at 25.25%, is the second, San Lorenzo-Parioli-Salario-Nomentano, high even in the city center, both with the highest yes. Very few will vote in the most remote areas and are Town Hall 6, with the Bella Monaca Circuit, the one in which the referendum ended with a total flop, little more than 9% of the turnout.

The quorum node: "We will refer to Tar"

One of the consultation nodes was the minimum electoral threshold, so that the result could really affect the future of ATAC. Campidoglio formalized the need to reach a 33.3% quorum, which the promoters did not find necessary instead, due to the recent modification of the Statute of the Capital, which abolished them from consultation with the referendum in the city. "Campidoglio removed the quorum for referendums on the same day he called in. In our opinion, it can not be included in our referendum, so we will challenge this issue before the TAR." So radical deputy Riccardo Magi.

The Radicals, promoters of the referendum: "From communal chaos, defeat direct democracy"

"Campidoglio caused chaos in the participation of citizens, more than 300,000 people could not vote – students outside the workplace, non-resident employees – due to the rules given by the Capitol, information was only provided in the last 48 hours and many even knew they could vote , we hope we can get over 300,000 votes, but this is a consistent result, taking into account these conditions.We still receive reports from all over the city of people rejected despite having a voting document. Direct democracy, but mainly because of the ability junta Raggi, who speaks so much about direct democracy, organizing orderly and regular operations. " So Magi again.

Mayor Raggi: "Romans want Atac to remain public"

In the tweet, Raggi writes: #AtacRestaDeiCittadini. The Romans want public remnants. Now the commitment and the final sprint to restart with the purchase of 600 new buses, lanes, more inspections, and modernization of the meter. Attention and respect for all voters.

Atac accounts

The municipal transport company in 2016 had a certified debt of EUR 1.3 billion, and the current estimate is PLN 1.4 billion. 2,000 car fleets, but on the road every day, on average, no more than 1,300 vehicles leave because they are useless or waiting for spare parts. 11,000 are Ataca employees, including drivers.

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