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Born without legs, his mother abandons him: becomes a master the strength of her dreams

He is Zion and this is his typical day. When the mother discovered that her son had no legs after giving birth, he gave him up for adoption and never appeared again. It is said that life resembles a fight in which one should strongly resist violent strikes; that's why he who took the fight from the first breath redeemed himself in a professional fight: "Don't come to me and say I can't do it. Especially when I worked hard at it. " The life of 22-year-old Zion Clark is not a fairy tale, but rather a miracle that he achieved himself, thanks to the strength of these arms that allow him to lift up to 100 kg, almost twice as much as his weight. But it wasn't always this way; the syndrome that marked his life is called caudal regression, a rare disease that never caused him to develop lower extremities, forcing him to move immediately in a wheelchair. He was a lonely child with a head full of intimidated questions that were transferred from one family to another throughout Ohio. Houses, people, but the result has not changed: he was always put at the door: "I wasn't adopted until I was 17, so they spent 17 consecutive years of foster care in the worst possible situations." After all, this social worker was on his side for many years to adopt him and let him discover the meaning of the word mother, while the figure of the father found her in the wagon of the school combat team: "During high school, people looked at me and thought:" Oh , he is a boy without legs. ”Then I went there, knocked out my opponent, and the same people, leaving the carpet, wondered what had just happened. "Zion challenged his limitations and when he realized that nothing would stop him from happiness: he simply overcame them. Today he has a girlfriend and a great dream to fulfill to become the first person to take part in the Paralympics and Olympic Games, in the race on the track and in the fight: "I try to be part of the Olympic team in 2020, next year, I am up to it designed. I want this gold, man. I want Olympic glory. "I am the fastest man on earth"; I want to say it one day. "So the next time you feel like giving up, think about the master who turned the difficulty into a stepping stone to flight.

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