Celiac disease: the first vaccine arrives to prevent it


Those who suffer celiac disease must necessarily resort to a specific diet, consume gluten-free productsto avoid all symptoms associated with this disorder. Everything can change significantly since the first one was developed vaccine that could help to prevent celiac disease.

The discovery was carried out by scientists from WEHI and Royal Melbourne Hospital. The researchers explained that the substances contained in the vaccine are directed directly to the cells they support gluten in the human body.

In this way, the body, thanks to the action of a vaccine against celiac disease, learned to manage gluten in a different way.

It is as if by administering different doses of the vaccine immune system learn to tolerate the presence of gluten, which has reached the human body through the food eaten.

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That is why a vaccine against celiac disease would be an important discovery against this disease, which forces many people to cope with "supply specific and restrictive.

In people suffering from celiac disease, eating gluten may cause damage to the small intestine, resulting in a medical condition inflammation in intestinal cells. What's more, it is because of gluten that people with celiac disease can suffer from the lack of absorption of the most important nutrients.

The lack of absorption of nutrients is not a problem that should be underestimated, because it can also reach the conditions malnutrition, which has important health consequences. Researchers say that with the vaccine, all these problems can end.


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