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death of mother and child, very serious husband and two children –

The mother died immediately, the father and two children in very harsh conditions, and the third child died a few hours later in the hospital. Tragic road accident on the western ring road, Rozzano yesterday, just after 8pm. The first very large budget tells of a family of five destroyed by the Honda Jazz crash on which she was driving and two other cars headed towards Genoa. The 39-year-old mother, according to the managers of the regional rescue center, died on the spot after the impact. The woman’s husband, allegedly 41 years old, was transported under certain desperate conditions to Humanitas. Red code also for three children, a 16-year-old boy and two 12- and 10-year-old sisters. The boy ended up in Policlinico, while the girls went to the oldest San Paolo and Papa Giovanni di Bergamo (the youngest).

The 12-year-old failed and died in the hospital in Baron. We talk about a very serious situation late in the evening. They would be foreigners. The driver of another of the three cars was also injured: a 41-year-old man rescued with a yellow code and taken to Humanitas as the husband of a woman who was a victim of an accident. Traffic police officers in western Milan went to work to explain the dynamics of the accident.

According to some testimonies collected last night, it may have been a rear collisionwhich took place in the pouring rain involving a Honda with family on board, a Mercedes and another car. After the first collision of two cars, the third vehicle landed on top of the first two, pushing them more than ten meters from the site of the first impact. The collision happened in the second lanebut the Honda Jazz was found squashed on protective handrail to the side, at the exit from the national road to Pavia. Firefighters had to cut the sheet metal to help parents and children in the cockpit.

6 December 2020 | 00:14


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