Tuesday , September 28 2021

Doctor Vasile, the chief physician and piece of medical history in Bassa, has died

PALMANOVA. A piece of Palmarine’s medical art history has flown away. Dr. Alfonso Vasile, a milestone in the nephrology of lower Friuli and the main protagonist of hospital life, died late Thursday afternoon at the “Santa Maria della Misericordia” hospital in Udine from complications following surgery. palmarino. He was 80 years old. He leaves his wife Cettina, daughter Eleonora and nephew living in the starry city.

Dr. Vasile, a Sicilian by birth but a palmarino by adoption, in 1970, after several experiences in Sicily and Veneto, arrives at the surgery room in Palmanova. Soon, the then chief physician Dr. Strukelij, his colleagues reported, realized that this young assistant was the right doctor to deal with a completely new sector that was developing in Italy and the world in those years: this is how the 13th of November was born. 1974. Provided Palmanov’s hemodialysis service, and in 1983, Vasile also started Latisan dialysis.

As Dr. Massimiliano Tostolo recalls, also on behalf of colleagues from the department where Vasile worked for a long time, “from the first, almost pioneering experiences, the service has evolved over the years and has become a complex structure of Nephrology and Dialysis, an important place in the regional health panorama.

Of the first few rooms reserved for dialysis at the historic Palmanova hospital, he says, in 1998 Dialysis moved and expanded into a new hospital in Jalmicco. Dr. Vasile has always skillfully managed the department, keeping pace with the times, following and in some cases ahead of the progress of the then young specialty, nephrology, and actively contributing to the scientific and technological evolution of the service and the Italian Society of Nephrology ».

In the 33 years he led Nephrology and Dialysis, Alfonso Vasile was one of the heroes of hospital life, occupying important positions in various sectors, from the Prevention Department to the trade union. Appreciated by everyone for discretion, Vasile also made himself known at the national level, managing to convey to young doctors his professionalism, commitment and passion for this rapidly developing branch of medicine.

His colleagues remember him for “the true authenticity, professionalism and innate elegance that distinguished him,” explain the doctors from Palmanova. Doctor Vasile, from there, and also your adult nephew, your daughter and your wife, look at us too ».

The date of his funeral has yet to be determined, but news of Vasile’s death leaked yesterday in the starry city, arousing immediate condolences from those who knew him, including for his profession.


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