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Does drinking coffee cause a heart attack? Attention, that's the truth


Coffee is not only the most-consumed drink in the world, but also a center of countless discussions between those who claim it is good for health and those who say otherwise, so it should be clarified on some issues, and today we will deal with a serious problem, which can cause coffee and this is a heart attack.

Also in this case, there are two currents of thought on this topic, but it is necessary to explain to people well what it means that drinking coffee causes a heart attack to avoid unnecessary panic among consumers of this drink, and this is what we will try to do in this article.

Does drinking coffee cause a heart attack?

The answer to this question is quite clear, because drinking coffee can also cause heart attacks, but if it is taken within a certain time, because otherwise taking three or four cups of coffee a day can bring extreme benefits to our body,

When you don't have to drink coffee to avoid the risk of heart attack

Almost everyone wakes up and starts the day with a good cup of coffee, it is a bad habit, because if coffee is not accompanied by a healthy breakfast, it can cause damage, because it causes stiffness of the arteries and can consequently lead to a heart attack. According to some recent studies, they showed that 15% of the Italian population drink only coffee in the morning and are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Coffee with breakfast is a winning combination

We have found that drinking only coffee at breakfast can really cause heart attacks, but the solution to avoid this tragic malaise can easily be found, in fact, just start the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast that is not accidentally defined as a meal that day a cup of coffee to eliminate any risk of a heart attack from drinking.

Because the coffee at breakfast alone can cause a heart attack

As previously mentioned, coffee consumed early in the morning, and our body is still full of toxins and is not properly nourished after a night's sleep, causes artery stiffness by settling in the form of plaques on the walls of the arteries. Therefore, it should be taken always in the morning and only in the company of other typical breakfast dishes.


We hope that we have clarified the relationship between coffee and heart attacks, so we encourage everyone not to hurry in the morning, but maybe wake up a little earlier to have time for a healthy breakfast and enjoy the usual refreshing coffee in the morning, also remember to take 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day (maybe bitter) and very helpful to our health.

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