Florenzi responds to Veretout, Fiorentina-Roma has scored 1-1


Between Fiorentina and Rome 1-1. The two teams divide the troops in Franchi: the eleven-meter-long Veretout, the Florenti tribe in the finals. Purple and Giallorossi work part-time, and the result is fine. The momentary commitment of the fourth place on both sides was unsuccessful.

Fiorentina and Rome compete against Franchi with the same points on the farm. The Pioli team has 15 points with Di Francesco. But the goal of the two teams obviously changes: Fiorentina strives for a place in the Europa League after a square and a team have been literally rebuilt from scratch. It's a kind of change between generations and many of our young enthusiastic championships with the wise leadership of an expert coach like Stefano Pioli. Rome for its part confirms the positive last season when it has reached the Champions League semi-finals and tries to place the first four in Serie A. The two technicians surprise and in the field twenty of the two are new faces. Fiorentina is in the usual 4-3-3, and as expected, Gerson has a chance for the former. Back from Simeone in the middle of the attack, while Pjaca goes to the bench: Pioli selects Miralla. Di Francesco is amazed at the form: Confirmation 4-2-3-1, the most tried 4-3-3 at the expense. In the defense Manolas does not meet, Florenzi is seen and in the middle of the field raised the baby Zaniolo. Former Inter Spring prefers Bryan Cristante and goes astonishingly to the bench. This is the first league to play the young Italian talent that this year the Bernabeu launched against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The two teams attack each other under great pressure and enjoy the benefits of the show. There are so many fast games that ignite the game from the first game crash. In the 21st minute, the first glorious chance to release the result is at the foot of Edin Dzeko: Bosnian takes two stairs and wraps up the excellent rumor delivered by Pellegrini. Fiorentina responds and even more cynical. In the 31st minute, the back-pass harakiri from Cengiz Under launches "Cholito" Simeone, who attempts to miss Olsen and goes to the ground. Banti sets the penalty and VAR confirms the decision, but doubts persist. Veretout does not hurt the place and puts the third goal in the championship by 1-0. Rome is like an impressive boxer trying to recover without having clear ideas. Dzeko seems faint, Under a little concrete and Zaniolo is still out of reach. The most reactive El Shaarawy and Pellegrini, and the latter, receive a staged football and disrupt Lafont. In the halftime, Viola is moving forward, but there is some doubt about the Simeone-Olsen relationship.

Federico Chiesa wakes up at the start of the recovery: a great horseback ride with the son of the artist who exchanges with Benassi and gives Simeone a helping hand who misses the appointment. The Roma occupy the area and are persistent in search of the goal. Many times it comes from Kolarov's pipes on the left track, while the other side is completely incomplete. Francesco plays Kluivert, Cristante and Schick cards, while Pioli thinks he will keep the result by inserting Fernandes and Dabo's muscles. The drawing is in the air and 85 is accomplished: even the other cross of Kolarov, the hateful exit of Lafont and the Florenzi network. The final Dzeko strikes a blow from the right, but Lafont stops the road.

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