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Edition on behalf of womenThey were absolute heroes (and winners) Mtv Ema 2018 from Bilbao. Four prizes for the Cuban star Camila Cabello (including the most prestigious Best Artist), Global Award Icon for Janet Jackson, Best Pop a Dua Lipa and even the best hip-hop Nicky Minaj, an explosive female representative of the category with a strong predominance of male gender so far.

That was correct Nicky Minajwith overwhelming gravel to inaugurate the evening, first alone Good formand then with the British Small mix, with which he recently participated in the single A woman like me (title, manifestation of intention: independence and self-determination).

Leader of the evening, singer and actress Hailee Steinfeldwho also performed on stage. Many celebrities among presenters, from Ashlee Simpson – arrived in the company of her husband and "friend" Evan Ross, with whom he recently recorded the song I do – to the stars Narcos Michael Peña and Diego Luna, up – hear, hear – in redivi Lindsay Lohan, that on stage we saw the prize delivered to the "box" Marhsmallowwith whom he had an unanswered dialogue.

"I dedicate this prize to my fans because I know what it means to love and follow someone, I still remember when I watched the show at the age of 14 and was a fan. That's why I have such a deep connection with my audience," said the glowing Cabello in red. withdrawing the first of a large series of prizes. And his relationship with fans is so unique was also visible on the carpet of the program, which we followed live on our social networks (Twitter and Instagram Stories) and in which she gave really "amazing" moment.

Among the best performances of this evening Bebe Rexha and Halsey: first, from I'm a mess, escaping from the tub and running, surrounded and eventually raised by a large group of dancers in armor; second, from Without mesung in a rain-covered cage. A new lever of Spanish music Rosalía he enlivened the stage of the Bilbao Exhibition Center with his own pop «cygan»Although he was gentler Alessia Carathat soon we will be able to take part in a duet with our Eros Ramazzotti in the new album, which will be released on November 23.


Eros Ramazzotti: «I wanted to retire from the stage»

Among (several) male performances, it's worth mentioning "In flight" American pop duo Jack and Jack (type Benji & # 39; ego and Fede & # 39; and with stars and stripes), while Jason Derulo – in the company of David Guetta and Nicki Minaj – he appeared in the controversial Bocelli resampling dance (farewell instead Time to say goodbyeit means Partiró), simultaneously confirming the unusual contractor.


«Mtv Ema 2018»: Annalisa is the best Italian act

Disappointing, unfortunately and many, performance Janet Jackson (dramatically unsynchronized throughout the duration of the performance), which, however, was finally used with a long speech empowerment female. "I am with you all, women used, threatened, humiliated: you are my sisters," he said. "Let us make our voice for gender equality." And at least judging from today's show, this voice was heard loud and clear.

Here are all the winners of MTV Ema 2018:

The best artist

Camila Cabello

The best movie

Havana ft. Young thug (Camila Cabello)

The best song

Camila Cabello, Havana ft. Young Thug

Best Pop

Dua Lipa

The best new

Cardi B

The best look

Nicki Minaj

Best hip-hop

Nicki Minaj

The best live

Shawn Mendes

The best rock

5 seconds of summer

The best alternative

Panic! At The Disco

The biggest fan



The ceremony was broadcast live on MTV (Sky channel 130) and Comedy Central (Sky channel 128) dubbed channels, while on MTV Music (Sky 704 channel) it was broadcast in the original language. MTV Emas 2018 will be broadcast in free replication on the digital terrestrial channel, on the VH1 channel (67) on Monday November 5 at 21.10, and on Tuesday 6 at 23.50.


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