Sunday , August 1 2021

How to prevent someone from joining us in a WhatsApp group

Everyone uses WhatsApp these days. In fact, it’s the easiest way to keep in touch with someone in a quick, but above all economical way. This application has made our lives much easier, but at the same time made us totally dependent on smartphones. We hear phone ringtones everywhere. It also depends on the number of people we contact.

Comfortable or cumbersome?

As anyone who uses this application knows, you can create groups in WhatsApp. How many of us have never been put in the group? This feature is very convenient as it allows us to deliver a message to several people instead of sending it to each one individually. It is true, however, that it can be convenient and simple, but also cumbersome and inappropriate. He is often placed in groups where we have nothing to do. Groups full of people we have never seen and are not interested in.

Usually these large groups are created to organize parties, parties, birthdays or to decide together on the best gift for a friend. When we are bothered by the countless notifications that appear constantly, we can take advantage of the “silence” feature that has been around for a while. This saves us from the constant and annoying sound of our phone, but does not make us magically disappear from the group being created.

As many know, it is possible to leave the group, but it may not be very polite for the participants. So today we are talking about the new feature how to prevent someone from joining a WhatsApp group.

New feature

How is it possible? You will need to create a contact list known as a blacklist. Let’s see the steps to create it together. First of all, after opening WhatsApp, click on the “Settings” item. From here you need to go to the “Account” item. At this point, more items will appear including “delete account”, “change number”, “security”, “privacy”. The latter is of interest to us. After clicking on “Privacy” you will have to go to “Groups” and then to “my contacts except …”. With the latter option, a window with the saved numbers will open. From these, we will be able to choose who to put on this blacklist.

Whoever we choose to insert inside will not be able to add us to any group that he chooses to create as administrator. Here’s how to prevent someone from joining a WhatsApp group.

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