Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Local taxes and fines: Sprint exclusions for those who don't pay


Announce times definitely hard for those who are thinking of escaping, bypassing payment local taxes (Imu, Tasi, Tari) e fine. You are a cheater at all latitudes and at all levels, you are warned: placing the sticks between two wheels will take care of the next Budget Law (now to examine the chambers) making you lharder life.

Moreover, the government has promised and announced several times fight without escaping sworn enemy of our country's economic recovery, which is subtracted every year dizzying numbers equal to more budget laws combined.

that's why, sprint exclusion for those who don't pay local taxes, including fines. We will no longer have to wait for you to register as a debt then tax notice: later assessment notice, you can go directly to the exclusion the current account default citizen. In practice, the use of executive evaluation also includes local taxes including fines with maneuver pointing at that municipalities and other local authorities receive cash thus streamlining the procedure to recover unpaid taxes.

START A YEAR WITH BOTTO – There's no time to say goodbye old year that the new one will really begin "Bang." From January 1, 2020. assessment notice sent by the municipality to the taxpayer will include notice to be met. After the 60-day time limit for filing an appeal, the act will become effective manager and the municipality will be able to respond by not paying the amount indicated in the notification attachment of a current account.

Not everything however it is lost. Administrative arrest and mortgage will be sent before the account is taken payment reminder, for debts of a value not exceeding EUR 10,000. The taxpayer will be able to do this adjust Your position by paying debt also in installments, from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 72 installments, depending on the amount of debt.

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