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Malicious software that threatens your Android smartphone


October 30, 2019 – Is new malware for Android smartphones what worries about computer security companies: it's called Xhelper, this adware has already infected 45,000 devices in the last six months and was discovered by Symantec.

The most disturbing thing about Xhelper is its ability to persistently resist any removal attempt, so much so that even Symantec was unable to remove it from infected devices at the moment. Many messages written by users of infected smartphones on forums where we read the same question: "How to uninstall Xhelper?". Unfortunately, there is still no answer: not even restore factory settingsactually allows you to remove this annoying adware and antivirus they recognize it, but they can do nothing. For this reason, Symantec has published some tips on how to prevent an infection while waiting to be discovered how to permanently remove it.

How Xhelper works

You are not infected by Xhelper you don't take it by downloading the app from the Play Store. This malware is actually downloaded from other sources: it is usually transferred inside the smartphone by applications downloaded from third-party stores. When it comes into force, Xhelper does it it hides well in the device and starts displaying banner ads randomly, just like many other advertising programs. This virus does not generate icons at home or in the smartphone drawer, at most (but not always) it displays a permanent notification. It is useless to remove it from installed applications: in a way that is not yet clear Xhelper appears soon after.

How to protect yourself from Xhelper

Xhelper, while limited to displaying ads, is not very dangerous to the user, but it is clear that this the virus is annoying and that everything should be done to avoid infection. Also because Symantec has found that in some cases, this malware can download other much more dangerous viruses capable of downloading from command and control servers steal personal data, Symantec and Norton antivirus programs can detect the presence of Xhelper on infected devices (Xhelper is seen as "Android.Malapp"), But after removal the virus returns quickly. Symantec tries to fully understand Xhelper's behavior, understand the procedure that allows him to reinstall for an indefinite period. Meanwhile, the software house cannot fail to repeat the usual suggestions: avoid downloading applications from unsafe sources and update your mobile anti-virus frequently.

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