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MediEvil contains an interesting bonus to unlock for game fans

Available on PS4 from this week redo with MediEvil again presents the original adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque in a renewed graphic design. With the advent of the game in stores, it has an unlockable bonus that will be especially appreciated by fans of the game.

As we reported on the well-known ResetEra forum, end the adventure by collecting all Lost souls allows access to the full original version appearing on the first PlayStationTo access it, simply select the appropriate item to be activated in the main menu.

In our review of MediEvil, Tommaso Pugliese wrote: "MediEvil is a game that is very difficult to assess, a modification that, apart from the technical aspect (even with a whole series of limits) is stubborn in repeating the game of the original from 1998, without blurring the very obvious edges: are nostalgic and will purists be happy with the choice made by Sony and Other Ocean?

It is possible, but at the same time disappointed will be those who legally expected improvements in mechanics, hitboxes and visual management, as was the case in several other versions on PS4. Our advice is to try the demo version before buying: after all, dressing Sir Daniel Fortesque's armor can be a dream come true for you, no matter what. "

Below is the launch trailer.

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