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Men and women, Gemma Galgani furious with Giorgio Manetti and Tina Cipollari who say: “You are a beggar”

In Men and Women, Gemma Galgani is furious with Tina Cipollari for her relationship with Giorgio Manetti, and a publicist attacks a Turin lady.

Gemma Galgani he did not digest the fact Tina Cipollari to me Giorgio Manetti they met outside the studio Men and women. IN Rate with dating program, a lady from Turin attacks a columnist who repeats her tone and criticizes her path on the program Maria De Filippi and his acquaintance with Biagio.

Men and women, Gemma Galgani furious with Tina Cipollari for Giorgio Manetti

Maria De Filippi announced that the launch Rate today Men and womenand it would be, at least, crackling. Gemma Galganiin fact, she is pissed at Tina Cipollari to meet Giorgio Manetti. Turin immediately attacks the columnist and accuses her of being false and lying as she continues to participate in Manetti even outside the studio dating program. File Onions he became insane and claimed to have no connection with him Giorgio and I met him by chance in Florence, so much so that in the photo taken by the paparazzi you can see that they are both in the company of their partners. Doughnut still rail and Tina explodes while Gianni Sperti suggests that Turin still likes the Tuscan knight because she is so angry about a simple encounter.

Tina Cipollari and Gemma Galgani: it’s a fight against men and women

Controversy continues when Biagio enters the studio. Over there Galgani tells about a dinner with a knight Trono Over in his home and personally cook for the occasion. Tina She teased Turin, stating that she did not even have the decency to take the man she meets and who travels miles and miles to see her to a restaurant. Between the two accusations, further truths emerge that leave him speechless Doughnut. In fact, before lunch with her Biagio has achieved Maria in Rome and accompanied her to the hospital to meet her newborn grandson, then return to the capital and have dinner with Sabinawhich he invited to Naples for coffee. The rider is certainly full of energy, but on top of that Galgani irritates his way of meeting people and this time announces that he wants to quit forever.

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