Michelle Hunziker in the Morning Five: "Fourth child, let's leave nature"


This is one Michelle Hunziker no what was said in the salon was published Federica Panicucci during the episode "Day five"aired on Thursday, November 15. In broadcast Channel 5 The Swiss stats tells how she manages to match her professional duties and family, showing her great love for women daughters: "When it happens that all three together, my heart opens and I feel really fulfilled," he commented on his emotions.

But in a long interview, Michelle also gives anecdotes about her husband Tomaso Trussardiwhich defines "fascinating": "He is a man of other times, he did not care for me for three months, never kissing me." Today, everything is consumed immediately, instead, if we start with dialogue – as in our case – when kissing "is already a certain knowledge".

And when Panicucci asks you for a hypothesis of possession fourth childHunziker responds: "We have a desire for another child, but let's leave it to nature, but if it does not come, I will close it, because I already have three and I feel happy."


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