"Not for father and mother on documents", "Next." A clash between the Guarantor and Salvini


Knocked in for the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini. Privacy Garnte della has in fact rejected the replacement of "parents 1 and 2" by the symbol "father and mother" in the modules to issue a new identity card in electronic form. The change, recalled by Salvini, who, in fact, has now moved uphill. The minister himself asked for a paragraph from the Office, chaired by Antonello Soro. "The change will probably introduce critical profiles in cases where the application for a juvenile ID card is presented by means of numbers that exercise parental authority, which can not be accurately attributed to the terminology specification" father "or" mother. "This applies in particular to the situation in which a joint application (consent) of both parents of a minor is required (valid document for expatriation), "reads the opinion of the Guarantor.

In fact "verdict"a negative result appeared, taking into account the transcripts in children's civil status registers, after the judgment was issued in specific cases, such as transcription of birth certificates created abroad or the recognition in Italy of adoption measures originating from abroad, and even the correction of gender mapping in these cases, according to the Guarantor, "the office can prevent – in violation of the law – or, perhaps, subject to a declaration not corresponding to reality, by one of the operators of parental responsibility. In fact, in the request of a document, in a receipt issued by the office, and above all in an identity document issued for a minor, data concerning one of the parents will be indicated in the field showing the incorrect gender specification. "Gwarant Salvini replied:" We are moving forward, there is no privacy that denies the child's right to have a mother and father. "


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