Friday , December 4 2020

Pellegrini, Covid’s nightmare: “finally negative” | News

After 11 days of quarantine, as her Instagram profile tells us every day, Federica Pellegrini can breathe a sigh of relief because coronavirus nightmare This is the end. The swimming champion announced on social media that she came back negative. “Hi Maria, I’m leaving !!!! And this time really !!! NEGATIVAAAAA “ the post is accompanied by a series of happy emoticons.

Only on Wednesday, the Divine did not hide all her disappointment with the difficult situation, especially from a psychological point of view. “I took a second swab and I still have the virus,” he said, “. However, I am weakly positive. I hope Thursday will have the green light because between us I just can’t stay home anymore. The wish has finally come true and now Fede will be able to return to the pot to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.


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