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Process Rays, pm, condemn the mayor to 10 months. Di Maio. "Our behavior code is clear" – Chronicle

Ten months in prison. This is the prosecutor's request for the mayor of Virginia Raggi, accused of forgery in the process of nominating Renato Marra in the direction of the Tourism Department.

In addition to the mayor, who participated in all auditions, there is also the M5 group leader in Campidoglio Giuliano Pacetti. Local councilors Pietro Calabrese and Angelo Sturni.

RAINERI WORDS – "Raffaele Marra did not have a delegation, he was formally a deputy head of the cabinet, but he was a privileged mayor of the mayor." This was stated by the former head of the city cabinet of Rome, Carla Raineri, questioned as a witness in the trial, who accused the mayor of Virginia Raggi of counterfeiting in connection with the appointment of Renato Marra (brother of Raffaele) head of tourism. Marra and Salvatore Romeo, first deputy head of the cabinet, second head of the political secretariat in August 2016. "They behaved in a self-referring and arrogant manner, Marra at least always maintained the institutional Bon ton, while Romeo was arrogant and rude." And again: "there were three of them in a room with closed doors, for meetings not available to everyone except the then deputy mayor, Daniele Frongia. Marra had a very strong influence on the mayor, Several epithets have been created for Marry, eminence gray, Richelieu, emphasizing the mayor's weakness, as did the Tsarists in Rasputin's timeEveryone who was sideways in relation to their ambitions was a bad target. I think to myself when I said that I would like to replace Marra General Carabinieri as the deputy head of the cabinet, soon the mayor had doubts about my calling. "

UPCOMING – According to the Roman prosecutor, Mayor of Virginia Raggi "Lied to the Capitol Anti-Corruption Officer in December 2016"because if he said that Renato Marry's appointment would be managed by his brother Raffaele, he would investigate and, in accordance with the code of conduct of the M5S, he would have to quit. "So in court, deputy prosecutor Paolo Ielo applied to the court to acquire the M5S code of conduct in force in 2016. In connection with this, Ielo asked the judge to acquire the M5S code of conduct in force in 2016, which provided for its the mayor would tell the truth and recognize the role of Raffaele Marry in choosing his brother – he explained – opening the criminal trial against him would be very likely. the registration of model 21 (or in the crime file, ed) threatened to lie there because of this.The ethical code was changed in January 2017. "

DI MAIO AND CODE M5S – "As far as the mayor of Rome is concerned, I do not know the outcome of the trial, but our code of conduct is clear and you know it." This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, answering the foreign press for a question about the process that the mayor of Rome Virgina Raggi sees.



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