Rende-Reggina 3-2 (Video Gol Highlights), Franco decides to derive from Calabria and give the second place Rennitani



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Serie C Girone C, Rende-Reggina 3-2: network Franco in the extreme, it gives you three valuable points Rende, which rises to the second place, climbing after Juve Stabia. Night was found for Reggina now he will have to regain his strength due to a delicate internal match against Paganese Saturday afternoons, in a certain burning collision

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Tabellino Rende-Reggina 3-2

RENDE (3-4-3): Savelloni; Germinio, Minelli, Saturday; Viteritti, Franco (90 & # 39; during the day), Awua, Blaze; Laaribi (76 & # 39; Godano), Rossini, Vivacqua. available: Borsellini (p), Palermo (p), Sanzone, Calvanese, Cipolla, Galli, Giannotti, Crusco. coach: Francesco Modesto

REGGINA (4-3-3): Licastro; Kirwan, Conson, Solini, Zivkov; Salandria (40 & # 39; Franchini), Zibert, Marino (71 & # 39; Bonetto); tulissi (14 & # 39; Tasi), Ungaro (71 & # 39; Navas), Sandomenico. available: Vidovsek (p), Ciavattini, Pogliano, Redolfi, Mastrippolito, Petterman, Viola. coach: Roberto Cevoli.

JUDGE: Annaloro from the Collegno section (De Chirico – Pellino)

MARKERS: 5 & ​​# 39; Viteritti (RND), 32 & # 39; Tassi (REG), 35 & # 39; Vivacqua (RND), 46 & # 39; P. T. Tassi (REG), 90 & # 39; Franco (RND)

COMMENTS: Ammonites Tassi (REG), Kirwan (REG), Awua (RND)

recovery: 2 & # 39; p.t., 3 & # 39; S. T.

Rende-Reggina, match history (second time)

93 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro he whistled the end of the match

90 & # 39; – THE SECOND CHANGE TURNS! From recognized Franco inside with day

90 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro grants three minutes retrieval

90 & # 39; – USE THIS! Filtering for Franco which raises Licastro

87 & # 39; – Warning Awua for a foul on Bonetto

82 "- Summary Viteritti from the edge of the area, high sphere

76 & # 39; – THE FIRST REPLACEMENT IS HERE! From used Laaribi, inside Godano

74 & # 39; – Providential down payment Franchini who manages to intercept a dangerous cross directly on his feet Vivacqua

72 & # 39; – Cross from the right shine who goes: Licastro you go and deviate in the corner

71 & # 39; – DOUBLE REGGIN CHANGE! outside Marino and Ungaro inside Bonetto and Navas

66 & # 39; – Again Laaribi from a distance, weak ending, easy prey Licastro

65 & # 39; – Ammonito Kirwan for a foul against intervention Vivacqua

64 & # 39; – Trying Rossini worry Licastro: to the right of the rendese tip, which finds the answer in two cases from the extreme defender of the amaranth

61 & # 39; – Go past Franco, Licastro does not believe and does not deviate in the corner

58 & # 39; – Completion Laaribi from a long distance, the high sphere above the bar

55 & # 39; – Quite nondescript rhythms in this phase of the match, Makes-Reggina it still stands at 2-2

47 & # 39; – Amaranto came down from the right post in the second half: a cross Tassi for Kirwan, sweeps the red and white defense

46 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro he whistles the beginning of the second half: the amarans are kicking

21.31: Teams took the field, the second half begins in a few moments Makes-Reggina

Rende-Reggina, Match History (First Time)

21.19: The meeting is in a few minutes to follow the second part of the game

47 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro the whistle of the end of the first half: al Lorenzon Rende-Reggina go to the score range 2-2

46 & # 39; – Ammonito Tassi for excessive elation

46 & # 39; – DRAW REGGINA! Amaranth counterattack with Franchini, which serves Tassi which is presented before Savelloni piercing it with a sharp turn of action. Draw on Lorenzon

45 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro grants two minutes retrieval

40 & # 39; – SECOND ADVERTISEMENT REGGINA! Beyond the wounded Salandria, will come Franchini

38 & # 39; – Another defensive error Reggina: Awua but it is wrapped at the end. The opportunity has disappeared for brand

36 & # 39; – Salandria remains on the ground after the contrast match: in the health field Reggina

35 & # 39; – SHARE IT FOR USE! Filtering for Vivacqua, which flies towards the Reggio region: leads the opponent and beats Licastro signing the goal 2-1

32 & # 39; – REGGINA PAREGGIO! Cross from the right side Kirwan, Savelloni not completely immaculate: it brings benefits Tassi with a lob on the extreme house defender finding a tie. 1-1 Lorenzon

28 & # 39; – NETWORK CANCELED TO MAKE IT! Cross struck red and white on the grid Rossini collects the ball Vivacqua which, however, is obvious on offside. Judge Annaloro whistle an indirect free-throw in favor of amaranth

26 & # 39; – CHANCE MAKE! The owners use the too-renounced attitude of amaranth: the cross for Rossini a few steps from the door they defend Licastro send the ball out loud

25 & # 39; – Execution Reggina so far it can be summarized in a crossword puzzle Živkov which ends smoothly in the arms Savelloni. At the moment, it is difficult for amaranth to set a maneuver

22 & # 39; – IT CAN BE DONE! Vivacqua it wastes the impossible: the ball wanders around the area due to the chip, which is two steps away Licastro send a bullet to the stars

16 & # 39; – The hosts are still dangerous: shooting through Laaribi, trajectory that ends at the bottom

14 & # 39; – THE FIRST REPLACEMENT OF THE REGGINA! Beyond the wounded tulissivisit Tassi

10 & # 39; – POSSIBILITY OF REGGIN! Proposal Sandomenico from a long distance, Savelloni looks for a shelter in the corner

9 & # 39; – POSSIBILITY OF REGGIN! Cross from right to Solina what is right: too weak a conclusion that becomes easy prey Savelloni

7 & # 39; – Licastro On the day of "no", he leaves the poles and delivers a bloody ball Vivacqua it does not take advantage of the chance by sending the ball

5 & ​​# 39; – NET RENDERS! Clamorous goalkeeper duck Licastro, which we remember today replaces the wounded Confente: cross on the right Viteritti rather weak, extreme defender Reggio leaves the ball in his hands

1 & # 39; – Judge Annaloro episode Collegno whistles the beginning of the match Makes-Reggina

20.29: Teams in the field, brand comes with completely black outfit. Reggina instead, with a completely white uniform

20.19: Bad plate for Reggina before the match against Rende. Alexander hurts in heating Confente: Second goalkeeper Mattia is among the posts Licastro

19.40: Here they are formazansofficial ions with Makes-Reggina

RENDE (3-4-3): Savelloni; Germinio, Minelli, Saturday; Viteritti, Franco, Awua, Blaze; Laaribi, Rossini, Vivacqua. available: Borsellini (p), Palermo (p), Sanzone, Calvanese, Cipolla, Di Giorno, Godano, Galli, Giannotti, Crusco. coach: Francesco Modesto

REGGINA (4-3-3): Licastro; Kirwan, Conson, Solini, Zivkov; Salandria, Zibert, Marino; Tulissi, Ungaro, Sandomenico. available: Vidovsek (p), Ciavattini, Pogliano, Redolfi, Mastrippolito, Bonetto, Franchini, Navas, Petterman, Tassi, Viola. coach: Roberto Cevoli.

14.30: Welcome friends SuperNews for direct text Makes-Reggina, the challenge is valid until the tenth day of the championships C Girone C series

Rende-Regina, match presentation and possible formations

Tonight at Stadio Comunale Marco Lorenzon with a start whistle planned for hours 20:30 postponement of the scene Makes-Reggina, this effectively closes the tenth day of the Serie C Girone C championship: the race has been moved by Lega Pro after the coexistence of another event in the city of Cosenza province.
The scheduled meeting is very interesting: in the case of a victory, the red and white Francesco coach Modesto have a great opportunity to take second place in the standings 20 points, directly for Trapani leader, climbing the circumstance Juve Stabia, on which the enemy's inner false step weighs like a stone Caserta last Saturday.

Amarant's coach Roberto Cevoli they are currently involved in the play-out zone: it is true that from the eight points scored so far Paganese, The immediate candidate for the fight for the next weekend and for salvation, is kept at a safe distance as well Matera, which was dropped at the end of the ranking on power -8 inflicted by Sporty justice as a result of violations of an administrative nature in the previous season, but it is equally true that the team of President Mimmo pratico they must necessarily prepare the march to avoid complicating life too much. He calls, therefore, to get points to Lorenzon to improve the result, which so far means two successes, so many draws and three losses.
Mr. Riccardo was appointed to lead Rende-Reggina Annaloro Collegno section, with the help of Pierluigi's assistants De Chirico Barletta and Giuseppe sections Pellino sections Frattamaggiore.

Probable Rende-Reggina formations, series on the tenth day C Girone C – Monday 5 November 2018 At 20.30

Probable creation of Rende (3-4-3): Savelloni; Germinio, Minelli, Saturday; Viteritti, Awua, Franco, Blaze; Laaribi, Rossini, Vivacqua. available: Borsellini (p), Palermo (p), Sanzone, Calvanese, Cipolla, Di Giorno, Godano, Galli, Giannotti, Crusco. coach: Francesco Modesto

Probable creation of Reggina (4-3-3): Confente; Kirwan, Conson, Solini, Mastrippolito; Salandria, Zibert, Marino; Tulissi, Ungaro, Sandomenico. available: Vidovsek (p), Licastro (p), Ciavattini, Pogliano, Redolfi, Zivkov, Bonetto, Franchini, Navas, Petterman, Tassi, Viola. coach: Roberto Cevoli.


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