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Salini “censors” Lamborghini with a twerking lesson –

Public service in disarray? You can wonder about the new “Rai case” last night, Friday 27 November. One and a half hours to the first episode of “The Voice Senior,” a new over 60 musical talent show that marks the return of Antonella Clerici prime-time. Following the suspension of “Detto fatto”, a conversation by Bianca Guaccero who, on the day devoted to violence against women, gave a tutorial on how to do “sexy shopping” – with pole dancer Emily Angelillo in 12 step and heel shorts to push the shopping cart, even the aisles in the supermarket weren’t a rundown – the nerves on Viale Mazzini are quite tight.

Director Rai1 is watching on Friday the first episode of the program Clerici. By accident, he passes by the president Fabrizio Salini. Who sees something potentially explosive. At least as capable of raising the (new) crawl space as the sexy tutorial in Detto Fatto. Immediately after the performance of competitor Viviana Stucchi, the former children’s singer “Zecchino d’oro” in 1964, Elettra Lamborghini enters the stage, about which Stucchi sang a song. With Eletta on stage are Clerici, Loredana Bertè and Jasmine Carrisi: together with a participant in the show, they perform a twerking lesson, which is, as Wikipedia explains, “a type of dance in which a dancer shakes her hips up and down. quickly downwards on the vertical axis, thereby causing the buttocks to tremble ».

Antonella Clerici’s “The Voice Senior” guides singers over 60 years of age
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A dance that Lamborghini knows very well. Everything is of course, very “ironic” – just like “said and done”. But CEO Salini, who knows the heat from the fire of “sexy shopping” still burns under the ashes, longs for irony. And order a cut. “ZAC” arrives an hour after broadcast, with a Rai clerk from Rome who hands over instructions to the technician on duty at Rai’s headquarters on Corso Sempione in Milan (where the show was taped) who sprint “censors the offensive dance lesson. An operation that gives an imagination. about the climate in which one lives in Rai Fears that anything could trigger reactions (especially political ones) that could threaten the current management of public television, now in a dangerous balance.

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