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seven days of passion for Scorpio, Lion regains love.

Paolo Fox horoscope, ranking of the week character by character. predictionthe gods for this week give, as always Paolo Fox, The astrologer analyzed character by character, indicating how happiness, work and love for different elements of the will zodiacHere are the forecasts forhoroscope for the period from October 28 to November 3.

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Aries. A positive moment for love, however, avoids controversy. Good news also for the task in which the restart phase will start.

Toro. Keep your nerves at bay this week, ups and downs will be felt even in love. The work concerns, but many things will be solved.

Gemini. There are doubts in love, other thoughts engulf you, and this hurts your relationship. At work, you'll have to wait until the end of the year to resolve issues that worry you.

Cancer. Passion for the stars, if anyone is interested in you, leave. The period is also good for those who are in pairs. Pay attention to expenses.

Leone. Regaining love, you are interested in new meetings. Also watch your expenses and try to stay away from controversy.

Virgin. Tensions will be in love, but they will be overcome. Try to find the harmony of the pair. At work, indecision and controversy can make things difficult.

WeightBy favoring marriages, it's time to plan the future without being afraid of misunderstandings. Tensions at work.

Scorpio. A happy period for those who want to meet new people, while those who are in pairs are rediscovering passion and making important plans for the future.

Sagittarius. Venus promotes the love you want to love. Solutions that appear where the problem occurred recently. Positive period for submitting applications.

Capricorn. Interesting meetings for singles, while those in pairs find peace. A happy moment to work, especially on new projects.

Aquarium. You have vague ideas in love with her, try to solve some of the problems that have arisen in recent weeks, while at work you can see the changes.

Fish. You are very moved in love. Don't pull things out of the past that could create extra tension. You still have minor problems at work, you must have patience.

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