Friday , December 4 2020

Vignola Hospital, 6 patients admitted to internal diseases with positive results for Covid – Societa

Relatives’ visits to patients admitted to hospital wards have been suspended

A patient admitted to Vignola Hospital in the internal medicine unit tested positive for Covid. The patient, negative and asymptomatic on the first smear, was immediately placed in isolation and Ausl activated an emergency smear schedule for all other patients in the same ward; five more positives emerged. In addition, the health surveillance company ordered medical professionals and health workers to take a smear.

Coordinators of internal medicine departments collected admission cards for guests (starting from family members of positive patients and roommates) to report to the Public Health Department for the necessary epidemiological research. Relatives’ visits to patients admitted to hospital wards have been suspended. has been offering its readers free and independent information for years without any public contribution. Private advertising covers some of the costs, but that’s not enough. To this end, we ask those who read us every day and follow us to give us, if they believe, a contribution based on their abilities. Even a little support, multiplied by the tens of thousands of Modena and Emilia-Romance who read us daily, is essential.

Editors of La Pressa

Editors of La Pressa

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