Monday , January 25 2021

which has changed since December 3 – Libero Quotidiano

No derogation for Christmas and the second day of Christmas. This would be the government’s orientation, given the first indiscretions about the new Dpcm, effective from December 3. In fact, restaurants will remain closed during the holidays during the coronavirus, and most likely curfew from 22:00 to 6:00. Here are the highlights of the river peak in between Giuseppe Conte and majority delegation heads on Friday 27 November, even if the last bit will have to cover the Technical-Scientific Committee and the regions. On the other hand, the opening hours of stores will be extended to 21, while the movements will most likely only affect residents who will be able to return home.

Close borders.  Extreme Countermeasures, Shut Down Italians: Shocking Governor's Move To Stop Government Frenzy

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