Tuesday , January 26 2021

“With the right reforms, Italy will resume its life.” And then he quotes “Milan is great Milan” – Corriere.it

So beautiful and so wounded, Milan is the European capital where a year ago it was teeming with life, and the virus brought silence and pain. But it is also a city of resilience, home to many everyday heroes, including students from Bocconi University who devoted their time to supporting young people during the pandemic. As the song says Milan is wonderful Milan. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, begins her speech at the Bocconi University inauguration ceremony with praise for Italy and Milan’s values, at the invitation of the university’s rector and former Prime Minister Mario Monti. . But his speech was also a strong call for the country to reform: it is time for Italy to take its future into its own hands. To do so, two things are needed: a willingness to reform and a strategic approach to investing.

Necessary reforms

Reforms are the cornerstone of recovery because only with the right reforms can Italy ensure that the new generation of the eu meets citizens’ expectations. In order to strengthen the message even more, the president lists the priorities: I am thinking, for example, about reforms accelerating the judiciary and public administration. necessary to attract investment and build confidence in the business sector. But more importantly – emphasizes von der Leyen – Italy needs young people to have a chance for a good and well-paid job. Too many young Italian graduates choose to leave the country because they cannot find the job they deserve. Many other young people lack the skills required by the labor market. The president then appreciated Milan’s ability to create an ecosystem that attracts brains and investments: here’s the way. In short, Italy must become a country where young people have the right skills and can find a suitable job. In short, it must be made clear that the next-generation EU will bring an unprecedented wave of public investment to the Italian economy, but only if Italy comes in, von der Leyen said.

Mario Monti: You turn destruction into construction

President Monti highlighted the political results achieved by the European Commission in recent months thanks to the measures introduced to combat the Covid pandemic: you turn destruction into construction, said the former prime minister, addressing von der Leyen, changing the way political decisions are made in the European Union and thus Member States. Closures related to time, and therefore short-term decisions, or at the spatial level, i.e. nationalisms, are no longer possible. There is a need to broaden horizons, make decisions in the long term and coordinate them at multilateral level, Monti recalled, admitting that von der Leyen’s leaders had succeeded in reviving these principles.

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