Sunday , January 17 2021

Xbox Series X | S and SEGA, Aaron Greenberg posts another trailer on Instagram –

We start again: Aaron Greenberg, CEO of Xbox Game Marketing, posted at Instagram trailer suggesting some form of collaboration between the Xbox Series X | S. to me SEGA.

Aaron Greenberg Instagram

Image with extension porcospino fights with the controller Xbox, seen in Greenberg’s stories, is the same one he published in September that made us think of Microsoft buying a Japanese home.

We believe that the Xbox Marketing Director cannot ignore the implications and meanings of such an image, but at this point we assume that the issue covered by the trailer is notacquisition of SEGA.

Maybe it really has something to do with it Sonic the hedgehogthat can come back with a new adventure, hopefully better than the previous one, with a sensational exclusive title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

This is the type of production that would allow the Microsoft console to finally break through Japan? Maybe not, but it would certainly help.

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