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Kyoto 11 R (Jpn I · Dart over 1900 m 3 years) 18. JBC Classic won the third most popular pride (Yuichi Fukunaga). Winning time is 1 minute 56 seconds 7 (good). The second most popular sunrise soa entered the second most popular Omega perfume for 2/3 of the difference in gender equality and 3 months of skiing.

Kaiti Brave is a 5 year old Ryuto – Sugiyama Haruki stall, his father Admaymax, mother Katie Laurel (his father, Sakura Laurel). The total record is 11 wins in 31 races.

~ Comments after the race ~
A Katy Brave (Yuichi Fukunaga)
"It was a long time at Kyoto Dirt, but that was the most important condition and I was riding confidently. I did not think too much and thought that keeping the rhythm in a form that was faster than I thought I did not worry because I won the GI- he was caught early because the Le Mer jockey was in front of him, and finally he came to the end, I've made up the combination so far The horse is over and done and I think he'll still be more and will work on a big stage This is a championship hose , such as Ruwan slave and a golden dream, but to face them Today I wanted the best. "

2-String Omega Fragrance (Ryuji Wada)
"The horse's position was good, the start was good and it was an ideal race to compete, the race was running, and I thought it was playing against the winning horse, but if there were no horses, I got a face that would be a bit fled out of the way, so it was decided to win a match in a match. "If a linear engine is used, I'm definitely surprised by the difference.

Three Sunrise Soare (C. Le Mer Jockey)
"Although I was able to move at the first pace, I was better off before, and the pace accelerated, and I wish I could have been long, but today the winning horse was strong."

Four Level Unconquerable Ume (Hiroyuki Uchida jockey)
"In the four corners the right turn was a while, the gate was bad, but it was better than before, but I was late, but we did not panic because it was a distance. Corner 4 went out Because I thought I thought I have to turn around, I start off with no loss, I steered to the corridor, I grew up feeling good and I took part in a strong competition, this was my second holiday dawn, I think it will be fun in the future because the difference is different. "

5 arrival sound True (Ohno Takuya Jockey)
"All the time I was racing patiently from the tour and there was a lot of variety for the horse."

6. Resident (Keisuke Dassan)
"I was in the same position as the winning horse and I could handle the fourth corner smoothly, I think I could use my leg and I could run it all the time."

8 Arrival Mineel Basara (Keisuto Kezo Tozaki)
"Despite the challenges of playing, I've got a lot of effort from the outside while I've changed."

9 Tagano gold (lower jockey)
"It worked very well, I was very good at the 3-4th corner race, but I stopped straight, I thought there was a billboard … …"



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