Blizzard & # 39; s Diablo Mobile Edition community collection – Japan Edition


Diablo Immortal has developed online sparks with NetEase. Blizzard classifies this reaction as a "passion" of fans.

Blizzard Entertainment brought Diablo to iOS and Android. And because of that, it generates a small unbelievable anger from the fans of the game.

Diablo Immortal was developed in cooperation with NetEase and was announced in Blizzcon this weekend (last weekend). He records the debut of the classic mobile version. Blizzard expresses a new game as an MMO. This experience aims to "live, breathe, constantly evolve."

New plotlines, character classes, loot items, challenges will be added regularly, making Diablo Immortal a game that can play for many years.

"Thanks to their incredible passion for Diablo and guaranteed mobile knowledge, the team of developers has created a wonderfully responsive, breathtaking beautiful mobile games, and we reach the player. I can not wait for the day," is President of BlizzardJ. Allen BrackHe said in a statement.

The mobile version of Diablo is very important from a business point of view. And it seems good for the community that we can introduce entry points to such an affordable series. In reality, however, Diablo Immortal evokes controversy and confusion among the community.

An invitation to submit to the project has been canceled (reference URL) and reported immediately after the announcement of the game. Since then about 30,000 signatures have been collected.

The reasons for this anger are different. But for the most part it seems that it is rooted in the fact that the next Diablo is not a complete continuation, it can not be played on computers and gaming devices. He is a co-founder of BlizzardAllen AdhamAdopted to Kotaku, the company is surprised by the size and intensity of repulsion (reference URL). However, he did not classify this reaction as qualified.

"They love what they love and want what they want," he said. "This passion drives us, we also feel … I feel that their emotions and wishes are not only for the Diablo series, but for all the amazing things we do in the whole company. I understand that you can share it."

It should be noted that Blizzard said he was working on many Diablo projects before Blizzcon. And this fact has been repaired by the consequences of this repulsion.

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