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Eva’s first machine roaring over 2m in length and Rei Ayanami with quiet height setting – GIGAZINE


Evangelion One Fes“withF: NEXAt the booth, first in human scale, Evangelion and Rei Ayanami were very present, so I took a picture.

Evangelion One Fes

Reference exhibit “Evangelion Unit 1 Human Scale”.

A character who spreads both hands face up and howls.

The total length is said to be 2.2m, so if you look closely you can watch even the smallest details closely.

Unlike the sturdy body, the fingertips are smooth.

Arm yourself with the inscription “PROJECT EVA EVANGELION 01 TESTTYPE NERV TOKYO-3”.

Legs that appear tense against the muscles.

Seen diagonally from the back, the legs were simply illuminated, creating indescribable sensuality.

Back of umbilical cord connected.

In addition, the green parts will emit light.

Lips glow red.

I couldn’t see it from the front because my head was tilted back, but my eyes were sparkling.

The Ayanami Ray Human Scale (reference exhibition) stands gently next to the first machine. The size is completely different from the first Eva of the same “Human Scale”, but Rei Ayanami is said to fit the set height of 159 cm.

I have a clear smile.

The profile looks like this.

When viewed from the rear, a slender body is clearly visible.

In addition, “the first Evangelion machine with a total length of more than 2 meters” was exhibited on site.

this is,Wonder Festival 2020[冬]We welcomed on the spotThe first fully custom-made product. Orders are said to have been resumed due to favorable reception. The price remains the same, excluding the 1.58 million yen tax.

Prototype production is Shinobu Matsumura (Kaidou), planning, production and sales are Gomorakick Co., Ltd. It is also extremely powerful.

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