Monday , November 30 2020

Fuji “Out x Deluxe” recorded that day in a hurry Hiroyuki Yabe “Some Outs You Cannot Deal With” | ORICON NEWS

Actor Kentaro Ito (23) has been arrested by police on suspicion of a traffic violation (breakaway), and Fuji TV’s “Out x Deluxe” (every Thursday at 11:00 am) is suspected of being Ito. The October 29 broadcast when the person was due to report was suddenly replaced and picked up.

At the beginning, Hiroyuki Yabe of Ninety Nine remarked, “There are many things, so I will list them quickly. There are some outs that I can’t deal with in “Out x Deluxe”, “Matsuko Deluxe said,” What’s up, what’s deluxe. ” It is correct. Yabe continued, “Today, October 29. It’s 1:50 noon, I’m shooting now.” Matsuko also said, “This is the so-called complete package. You have to be careful what you say.” I called.

This time I decided to have a rush to chat with the bone, but Matsuko said “(created the show) Miyake (Keisuke)” after “Lion’s Gokigenyo”, based on a bone talk, was aired on the same station. When asked, “Is this in Mr. Kosakai’s ear?”, Yabe also asked, “Is this in Mr. Kosakai’s ear?” Matsuko laughed. – Call Lion-chan too. Are you okay with snacks?

Prior to airing, Twitter announced that Tonight’s Out Deluxe will be completely overhauled in a hurry! We’ll be recording it from now on !! ”. In addition to “Out x Deluxe” (every Thursday at 11:00 AM), “Denjiro’s THE Experiment” on November 30, and Saturday’s Premium “The Really Scary Story 2020 Special” in the show with Ito. Hen “(after 9:00), October 29, midnight 30” The movie “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” released a special commemorative issue Tonkatsu JD ~ Love trouble too! ~ ”, 5 programs in total,“ We’ll overwrite and re-edit them all ”.

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