Friday , December 4 2020

Rakuten wins a big win over Seibu and hopes to reverse CS Direct’s second-place confrontation with Lotte 2.5 from 30 (Baseball King) – Yahoo!

  1. Rakuten beats Seibu a lot and hopes to reverse CS. Direct confrontation with Lotte, who came in second place, difference 2.5 from 30th place (Baseball King)Yahoo! News
  2. Seibu / Neil 2 times 71 balls … 5 runs KO in the mood for racing
  3. Seibu reversal CS did not advance to 2nd place … Starting pitcher Neil was in a turbulent 5 run in 2nd inning and lost 8th placeSponichi attachment
  4. Seibu, 1st game for Lotte in 2nd place Director Tsuji also turns CS “I see players are interested too” (Full-Count)Yahoo! News
  5. Rakuten CS Faraway Wakui, a sweet ball to playHebei Shinposha Co., Ltd.
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