Sunday , July 25 2021

Sleeping ingredient to treat nail worms, 90,000 tablets collected … Some people lost consciousness while driving and caused an accident – Yomiuri Shimbun

  1. A sleep-inducing ingredient in the treatment of nail worms, 90,000 tablets were collected … Some people passed out while drivingYomiuri Shimbun
  2. Insect remedy mixed with sleeping aid Manufacturers voluntarily collectNHK NEWS WEB
  3. The drug Kobayashi Kako harms the health of 12 people in 3 prefecturesFukui Shimbun
  4. Voluntary cure of the anti-deworming agent 12 people lost consciousness and felt unwellSankei News
  5. The pharmaceutical company Fukui mistakenly mixes sleeping pills with oral medicationsTBS NEWS
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